Custom King Gear Headboard

Hallow Cross

Large Hallow Cross

Hallow H

Similar to the hallow cross, this special order was made for a customer whose last name starts with an H.

Hallow H View 2

View 2 of the Hallow H

Stained Wood Moose Head

Burned Idaho

Moose Cutout

Wood Art

Burned Idaho

Belt Heart

Hot Stuff

Burned Idaho Two

Cutout Cross Burned

Jewelry Hooks

"amazed by you"


Seashell rustic cross

Skye Heart

Kami Heart

Pink Belt Heart

Emma the Husky

Emma the Husky

View Two

Tyber the Pug

Tyber the Pug

view two

Saraphina the Corgi

Saraphina the Corgi

view two

Painted Rams Head

"love" bottles

"Home" Bottles

Be A Unicorn

Cool Rider

Motorcycle clip art made from "Cool Rider" lyrics


Remote controlled light Up Alien Art Work


Custom Name Decor

Rules for Retirement

Retirement artwork

Camp Rules

Camping Rules on natural wood

Christmas Dog Stockings

This was a custom order for dog stockings to match a clinet's personal stockings.

This is Halloween

Custom Nightmare Before Christmas stocking

Custom Painted Shirt

This black and red piece was painted for my husband

Baby it's cold outside

Hand knitted white scarf made with thick Luxe yarn

Bullet Cameo

Bullet Necklace

Flower Raigsn Earrin

Zebra Earrings

These were hand painted


Peace Photo Holder

Black and Silver Mask

Silver Sparkle Mask

Purple Sparkle Mask

Black and White Mask

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